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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Head bang, head bang, head bang...

Today is Benji's 30th birthday and we are getting a new furnace installed.  Dang, my life is glam.  Considering our old one is a little over half Benji's age, it's time to quit putting perfume on this pig, and just get a new pig.  Since I need to be here to babysit the install, I've decided to at least use my time well and we all know that's code for cook.  I may even clean out the kitchen cabinets (and again I may not, too.)  It all depends on how hot it gets and for how long. Since we have two systems, Sis and I may be just fine. Right now is lovely.

What's NOT so lovely is dealing with the 1950's jicky construction issues of this old house.  What a hot mess. the you hear a bulldozer?  I think I do. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


After last nights big reveal from Andrea and Benji and watching FB light up with well wishes from their families and friends, I am one grateful MayMay to be.  I won't go into the story about how they orchestrated to tell the Gonzalez's and Harris' but let's just say a LOT of planning went into it and it was down to split second timing, Face Time and a Mac recording the whole thing, Benji texting delivery ninja Erin Spalding to "GO", and the doorbell wringing with no one there.  Just two adorable boxes sitting on the porch--one marked Gonzalez, and the other one Harris. Erin also did the gift wrap (which blew my mind in it's perfection and adorableness) but that's a whole different story.  If this is a look at grandparent hood, I REALLY LIKE IT already!  And we get a baby, too???  What a deal!                    
I also love the continuity.  Erin and Andrea have been close forever.  Erin was there with Marianne and me the day Andrea found her dress.  Erin was all bidness that day and told Andrea to try on her favorite dress LAST, and she was totally correct.  She was Andrea's only attendant in Capri.  And now this.  Wow.   I can't wait to see the next chapter. 

Thank you Andrea, Benji, and Erin for making such a HUGE moment even bigger!                                      

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

While I wait...

While I wait for the AC men to show up, I thought I might cuss and discuss for a second.  Today I know among other things that this too shall pass, whatever your this may be.  Even the Bible says "and it came to pass".  It does not say "and it came to stay".  Therefore, all the craziness that's going on in the world is temporary and the less energy and emotion we give it, the faster it will go.  Whatever we focus on, we make larger. Ditto negativity.  The only thing I know for sure that I can change, is my attitude, and concentrating on the positives always works. 

A gratitude list has been the quickest way for me to turn myself around and there's so much I've been given (and, no, I don't mean material stuff) and can be grateful for, that the list just goes on and on.  We all get down.  Just don't forget to get back up.

Yesterday morning I heard Disney voices outside and looked out to see Claire and Baby John with their nanny, walking Claire down the block to school.  Picture it...Claire all dressed up with her hair in a fetching side braid and Baby John in his shorts wearing a red baseball hat.  My face immediately split into a huge grin and I could not stop laughing.  Little stuff.  But b-i-g stuff.  The laughter, the joy, the peace.  Beats the heck out of the news any day. 

*** And the AC guy just drove up.  Funny how that works.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wig lady

I saw one of my favorite people today at the Cleaners this morning.  If you are a Sunshine Cleaners patron, you already know who I'm talking about.  The African American lady who wears all the different wigs--depending on her mood-- and Lordy, does she have a collection. 
Today's wig was a subtle red one I've seen before, that's fluffy and full and she looks like one hot mama in it.  She's probably close to my age--hard to tell since black don't crack-- and she's just fun.  Anybody who'd wear that wig would have to be.
Dropping off my stuff, we got laughing about "back to school".  I was telling her I don't even have little kids anymore but could totally remember that feeling driving away after dropping them off for the first day....just a total WOO HOO!!!  She started laughing and said every single mom that had come in so far--and it was only 10AM--had said the same thing.  Yippeeee.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Nite, nite

It's the shank of the evening and we are just back from a walk with Sis.  She tried her best to get us to take her for a ride instead by doing the stall technique by the car but, alas, it was not to be.  We ALL needed a walk.  The stall technique is actually her way of asking to go for a ride, but when she plants her paws, it becomes the dachshund test of will aka a control battle.  Nothing new there.

As we came down the block towards home, I noticed a red Lexus had stopped in the middle of the street and I just figured they were looking at Sis.  Down went the passenger side front window, and up popped a barking, smarty pants red mini dachshund that was trying to bring Sis the big scary sh**.  I laughed so hard I almost fell down.  Sis never dignified she'd even heard all that shrill nonsense and proceeded on down the block, tongue flopping, too hot to care that some silly little mini was barking at her, on her own block're some big scary stuff. 

I don't know about you all but this has been a hard week.  I'm glad to see it in the can.  I could use some naps, ice tea, and a good book.  The back to school, change of season energy is too amped up for me. In fact, hand me this puppy.  That will fix everything.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sure...go it.

Late yesterday afternoon we had a frog strangler with thunder and lightening like no other.  The mountains were obscured by rain clouds and it was coming down in buckets.  Because my partner is a weather nut, he wanted to stand outside on the elevated deck and watch.  I kid you not.  I think sometimes his common sense takes a day off.  With questionable weather in the mountains, you take shelter immediately, and lightening you most definitely do not play with.  No siree.  (If Brian and Benji are reading this they know what I'm talking about with their dad, and weather.)
And if you think I'm kidding about stuff he says and does, he just asked me if the little dissolvable detergent bubble things that go in the dishwasher "need to be opened first?"  I almost said "sure...go ahead... open it." Then he held up a long sleeved t-shirt (I made him buy), and said how glad he was he bought it.  Head bang.  Head bang. Head bang.  Sometimes he just slays me.                                      

The animal count continues and we have added chipmunks, geese, trout, and two onsite new dogs staying at the big house that just arrived.  One is a lab and no sooner was he out of the car, than he was in the river.  In out.  In out.  He simply cannot get enough and is beside himself with joy.  The second is a light brown lady boxer and water is clearly not her deal.  Not at all.  A sniff and a pat from us and she was gone, loping across the backyard.  

Lastly, I want you to know I was attacked (and survived) a moth ambush right after I turned out the light last night.  I freaked out so bad I jumped up, flipped on the light and started pounding the bed and throwing pillows around.  It was awful and why they chose me and not him, I'll never know.  The final body count was 4 and all I'm saying is, it just better not happen again tonight. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oh, Sis.....

Lawd...lawd...lawd.  Word from home is a certain black hound was not happy yesterday when her brother left her home alone for awhile.  Sooo much so that she dragged his clothes all the way from his bathroom floor, thank you, into the den.  The dog shrink in me says this is a twofold issue: 1) abandonment behavior by a highly emotional hound  attempting to comfort herself by lying on his clothes and smelling his smell in her spot--the den  2) a pissed off hound protest and he's lucky she didn't do worse. Either way, her dad and I have laughed our heads off thinking about her and how much effort that was.  At least she was busy. 

Dachshunds are legendary for their protest behavior.  We had a male dachshund growing up (Chips) that chewed up the blinds when we went out to dinner and left him home alone in a new place.  Another doxie that was mine, Liebe, chewed up my favorite  new shoes.  Total spite and a "back at ya"....thy name is dachshund.
It's drippy rainy outside and people out back are kayaking, rafting, and having fun even if that water has to be cold as a well diggers shovel.  No matter.  We, however, are chillin', drinking coffee with the windows and screen door w-i-d-e open and reading.  Delish.

We saw the resident red marmot late yesterday afternoon and I just wish he wasn't so shy.  By the time you get your phone camera out, he's long gone.  Even if you get prepped ahead of time, he's still faster.   So far we've seen a doe and fawn (elk? it was dark), the marmot  x2, and a big black bear.  Hopefully, more to come.